We offer: services

EFMETAL realizes different non-standard services, and makes projects of solutions basing on steel wire ropes. We manufacture products in cooperation with our partners. As an example, we produce steel wire rope nets, which serve as a construction element of air domes, lately gaining wide popularity. The ropes are cross connected by specially designed connectors made of high quality material components. Four stainless steel screws guarantee durable fastening. We produce the nets using ropes of diameters of 8,0 to 16,0 mm – they can be steel ropes, PVC coated ropes, or fiber ropes – popular in playground constructions. An air dome can make a football pitch fully functional in winter – the weight of the hall, even up to 4 tons is carried by the difference of pressures inside and outside the hall. The basic task of it is to prevent air extraction from inside the hall. Their popularity is not just an effect of tennis getting more fashionable, but also it is caused by the fact that their use makes it possible to pass round the troublesome procedures connected with getting a building permit
– a sporting hall can be put up without it. What is more, its erection and dismantling does not take much time, and enables functioning of vast sporting facilities throughout the whole year. The biggest net we have assembled so far had a surface of approx. 8500 m2 and it covered a full scale football pitch. This method also finds use in “survival” camps, playgrounds and construction.

Besides the mentioned above, EFMETAL offers:

  • inspection of slings
  • repair of worn out slings
  • making of composite endings on ropes (spelter socket terminations)
  • advising in selection of steel wire ropes and other load lifting solutions
  • servicing, conservation and renovation of ropes at the working place.